A Beard's Tale

Over a year ago, I sought advice from a good old friend of mine.
This friend has 30 years of experience as an Aroma-Therapist
Her Nam is Anna Dannfelt she has already created a variety of products in the past years.

So I started to explain that I did not want a heavy scent, my beard hair should not be too greasy or shiny. But not too dry or even brittle.
So she started mixing oils with each other, these oils then turned out to be from Luxembourg and very good for the well being of my beard. After a few tests, we came close to the formula that gave my brittle hair just the right balance

...and it was accomplished.

From then on we shared this creation with friends,

men and with the ladies as well,the feedback was amazing.
So we decided to sculpt A Beards Treat from it.

To my person I am Chris a hobbyist, a creator,a nature lover                    

a creative mind through and through  ...
So basically ...a Wizard just like you!

From the moment we decided to embark on this magical journey, we did not know exactly where our path would lead us.

Since then we have found a lot of new friends and not only through our testers and friends!
The people that help us create our dreams have become such a strong Part of the entire experience.


We work hand in hand with our farmer who plants the crops, harvests the seeds and presses those amazing oils.

The Ourdaller collective from the North of Luxembourg sharing their magical goods with us.

Our young designer Christine Gelhausen who creates the Wizard and all our animal friends for us.

Then there is the Hospilux team where we get the bottles for our Potions.

Retif where we acquire paper bags and cans made from natural paper (unbleached).

Lettrage Reding Nico in Mondorf our printing company for all foil based prints.

Compared to what Redings team normally does we just make little stickers. Its the place to go for company styled Cars/Buses
I have known the Reding Team for several years because they helped me create larger art projects in the past.

And the Heintz Family from Pettange that creates flyers and business cards for us. A family owned business since 1938.

A loving Team of professionals always looking out for the best quality and advice well.

Our Beard Oil is simply put Luxembourgish.

Nowadays we are so blinded by the variety of products in the stores that it is always like tapping into the unknown,

we never really know where it comes from and is it Organically or Ethical made.
And where does the money go who do I support this time.

Our product is different we have a very low carbon footprint     because everything we use is already available in Luxembourg.
Through our transparency we invite others to follow our footsteps

and  maybe stop buying some of their product-parts from abroad just by following the easy way through the internet.

Sustainability, Transparency and Quality
For a better planet 🌍

  • A Beards Treat
  • A Beards Treat
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